Hydraulic system design

We approach hydraulic system design with the understanding that each customer and application is unique so will work with you to design, develop, manufacture and maintain your specific hydraulic system / requirements.
Our in-house design team use the latest technology to design for you in Solidworks & AutoCAD, with the ability to send and accept drawings in most electronic formats, working to your drawings and specifications.
Our standard cylinders have a working pressure of 210 bar with our Heavy Duty range rated to work at 350 bar. Cylinders can be fitted with a range of electronic position sensing devices, from simple proximity sensors signalling extremities of stroke, to internally fitted infinite resolution linear transducers with a variety of output options.

  • hydraulic cylinder design drawing
  • double acting hydraulic cylinder detail
  • double acting hydraulic cylinder
  • hydraulic power pack
  • image of a double acting hydraulic cylinder design drawing
  • image of a double acting hydraulic cylinder detail
  • image of a double acting hydraulic cylinder
  • image of a hydraulic power pack

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